Monday, 24 January 2011

Time Out says...

Well, you can read it for yourselves. Although we'd prefer it if you came along and made your own minds up, really.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Spanish retreat, for those that love to eat

Back in November of last year, I was lucky enough to host my first cooking retreat, for those love to eat, at the enchanting Finca Buen Vino in la Sierra de Aracena, in Andalucia, South Western Spain.

The Finca is set in beautiful mountains, an hour north of Seville, and is run by a delightful couple called Jeannie and Sam, who made us feel like returning family members. The house sleeps dozens, but there always seems to be a cosy corner or open terrace to escape to... Not that I had time of course - I was the live-in cook / tutor / tour guide, whilst the guests were there to eat, drink, learn, and be merry. And what a pleasure it was for all of us, too.

Dark chocolate brownies for the guests upon arrival...

And sherry on tap...

The students perfect their kneading technique.

With excellent results; the loaves looked perfect after proving.

And even better after baking outside in the wood-burning stove.

What better way to enjoy them with some goat's cheese, that we made ourselves at Maria Jesus' dairy, down in the village.

A bit of butchery...

Fish filleting...

Some jointed rabbits...

And a boned, rolled and stuffed pork shoulder.

A walk in the village, after our final breakfast.

Followed by a traditional country paella...

And a Spanish show-stopper of a tart.


My Spanish cookery retreats are organised on a bespoke basis, dependent on your interests and desires. The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and informal. The accommodation is homely and inviting. The food and drink are plentiful, and can be offered on an all inclusive basis. I'll also create a program of lessons, tutorials and excursions based on your skill levels, knowledge base and inspirations. We'll eat food like you see above, meet locals and get a taste for real Spain, and most importantly of all, have a wonderful time together.

Please feel free to get in touch by email to find out more...

For more information about Finca Buen Vino, or La Vida Serrana, have a look at Sam and Jeannie's excellent blog.

Brunswick House Cafe

Now taking reservations for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, as of 13th January 2011

After a few weeks of experimentation at the end of December, followed by a very successful preview party, Brunswick House Cafe will re-open next week, on Monday 10th January.

Breakfast, elevenses, lunch and tea will be served all week from Monday to Sunday, whilst on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, we will be serving supper and small plates to share, to accompany wine, beers and expertly-crafted cocktails.

The evening menu, dependent on what looks good at the markets, will look something like this:

Small plates to share


Cured meats

Jerusalem artichokes, duck egg & parsley

Kholrabi, red onions & caper berries

Smoked mackerel, pickled radicchio & rye bread

Cavalo nero, walnuts & anchovy

Octopus, potatoes & aioli

Turnip & Ticklemore tart

Pig's liver & serrano ham

Dark chocolate & Seville orange tart

Prune & Pedro Ximenez fool

Get in touch if you'd like to make a reservation by calling 0207 720 2926. Or visit our website!

Look forward to seeing you soon!