Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fine dining, festival style...

Head to the end of the old railway track, turn right at the Mutant Waste sculptures, and follow the path past the crashed jumbo jet, and the freaky clown face merry-go-round. In the little yurt, next door to the all-night rock'n'roll diner lies the Rocket Lounge Restaurant... Come inside!

1950s Speak Easy evening wear only, please.

The menu. Octopus followed by Ox Heart, or Rabbit Terrine then the Lobster? Decisions, decisions...

And some champagne whilst you wait... The band are just warming up.

Heads down... either the food's too good for talking, or the drugs haven't kicked in yet.

All mod cons; Our kitchen in a field.

Still busy munching.

But after a couple more of these...

...they're all doing this!

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