Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bombay mix in Bethnal Green

A little slice of Karachi life on Bethnal Green Road, as I step out of Limehouse Superstore [sic - I assume this is the second branch, the first being in... Limehouse], blue plastic bags bulging with kohlrabi, okra, chickpeas for chana masala, and yellow split peas for dahl. There's a man and his street cart, shaking up avalakki mixture to order for passers by, just as they do in his home town back in Pakistan. At a pound a pop for plastic cupful, served with a wooden spoon and a toothless smile, is too much to resist!

Avalakki mixture

A zingy take on the standard Bombay Mix, just as it's served on the streets of Karachi. The oil and vinegar meld together with the chilly and coriander, whilst the mixture is shaken just long enough to bring the flavours together, without softening the crispy strands.

All quantities are to taste

bombay mix
chopped coriander
chopped chilly
ground nut oil
mustard vinegar (or white vinegar and mustard powder)

Add all ingredients to a container, seal, and shake to combine. Serve in snack size portions with a spoon.

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