Thursday, 13 August 2009

Steak night

Three very large appetites. Three even larger steaks - plus starter, accompaniments, and afters, of course. Three very, very satisfied men...

Rib eyes from McKanna Meats, Theobolds Road. Sardines from Steve Hatt on Essex Road. Dave's tomato salsa, and a cold beer.
Char grill + salt + pepper + garlic + olive oil. Keep it simple.

Grilled sardines on toast, with tomato and black olive salsa & water cress.

The essential ingredients. The bearnaise turned out a bit runny, but anything that essentially consists of butter and egg yolk could never be that bad.

Rare rib eyes, roast new patatoes with garlic and rosemary, braised banana shallots and water cress.
And Eton Mess for desert (including meringue 2.0)

I hope this means they were happy...

Next up: BBQ & France.

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