Friday, 23 April 2010

El Mercado de San Miguel

Like a cross between Borough Market and Fortnum and Mason's food hall, transplanted directly into the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, El Mercado de San Miguel brings together the very best of Spain's food and drink under one architecturally-perfect vernacular roof.

The foodie equivalent of the most beguiling theme park you could ever imagine, it's a place you can lose yourself in for hours. And this is Spain, afterall... Take your time, eh? Tonight will be spent eating, drinking, drinking and eating!

First stop, the jamónaria, naturally.

Tortilla: "The snack of before... for all of life"

Regal-looking gambas at the seafood counter.

Berenjena y acietuna rellena - stuffed aubergine and olives

¡Cenamos! From left to right: The finest jamón iberica de bellota; Chorizo and tuna & red pepper empenadas; salchichon and chorizo; a selection of cheeses, including oozing queso de cabra (goat's cheese), manchego cured for 24 months, and queso de cabrales - a blue cheese from Austurias with a flavour so strong it almost burned our taste buds; almost emerald green olives; stuffed vine leaves and pimiento peppers (just seen); a good few glasses of Ribeira del Duero Crianza.

¡Vamos a comer!


  1. Basil....
    I think you should be read the following forum.
    I have posted about this market and also written some articles about Galician wine.
    I also posted a link to your blog. Great stuff.

  2. Thanks for the letting me know, and thanks a lot for posting a link for me!

    Looks like a great resource, I'll stay tuned!