Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Guardian on Spain

There's a Spain special on the Guardian website at the moment (also in print in the Travel section for anyone who's not done their recycling yet), featuring some interesting pieces about the lesser-discovered corners of this huge and diverse country.

Have a look at the insiders guide to northern Spain. You might recognise one of the contributors...


  1. I loved your article in the paper. But I have to say the restaurants you frequent seem rather expensive for the area.
    The Ribeira Sacra area is one of Spain's well kept secrets. The Americans have "latched" on the reds from this area quite some time ago. I wonder when the British will catch up too?

  2. Hello Ian...

    Thanks for the comment. The Ribeira Sacra is indeed a gem, and I'm sure it will continue to get the recognition it deserves. Neither of the restaurants I suggested are in the Ribeira, strictly speaking, but yes you're right, they are ones to splash out on.

    I stayed at a great casa rural called the Reitoral de Chandrexa during my stay in the region, and ate many excellent meals there. if you have other suggestions, I'd be pleased to hear them!



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