Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Chocolate con churros

It's taken me five months to try chocolate con churros. And over two days last week, whilst in the company of French chocolate aficionado, I ended up indulging in this wicked, and most typically Spanish of combinations three times in a row.

Considering the weekend was spent in Granada, the historic capital of the Kingdom of Al Andaluz, the last stronghold of the Muslim's occupation of Spain, and a hotbed of all things arabic in the Peninsula, tea would have been a more appropriate beverage. As it was, my gallic traveling companion could barely function without her thrice daily fix, let alone pass a cafe without being drawn in by the lure of steaming mugs of chocolate.

In Spain, hot chocolate is served thick and gloopy, with a similar texture to custard. The default accompaniment are the deep-fried fingers of dough, drenched in white sugar, known as churros. It's a combination something akin to tea and biscuits in England, chips and mayonnaise in Holland, or grits and gravy in the deep south. Both are good, but the sum is greater than the parts...

After having had a rather gluttonous few months, I had designated my final fortnight as a time to behave myself when it came to idol snacking... My french companion, however, being a few years my junior, and therefore being in possession of a somewhat faster metabolism, had no such reservations...

But anyway, I'm still officially on holiday. The diet can start next week.

(Thanks to oboulko for the foto)

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