Monday, 29 June 2009

Happy little piggies!

Judging by the positive feedback we've received so far, and the smile on that fella's crackly face, I think it's fair to say that our first Mudchute Kitchen Feast was a resounding success.

It was just over two months ago that Philippa and I first laid plans for the feast. From the outset, she was insistent that fuss and fineries should be left aside in favour of letting the food take a starring role. And of course she was right. With an allotment, kitchen garden, and adjacent fields inhabited by livestock and wildlife, Mudchute Kitchen is in a unique position in London. It's literally surrounded by fresh produce of the highest quality.

My day started picking spinach, lettuce and radishes from the allotment, and Basil from the herb garden. After that, there was dough to make for the flatbreads, picallili to prepare, as well as the bbq and oven to light.
By seven, we had a yard full of dinner guests, a grill full of flatbreads and pork crackling in the oven.

My camera ran out of juice about this time, but the canapes went down brilliantly. I'll have to find out exactly how Philippa made the lentils - definitely a winner.

From there it was straight inside for an intense hour long rush in the kitchen getting the starters out, and immediately getting on to the mains. As the guests tucked into their wood roast pork with new potatoes, wilted spinach, hazelnut pesto and kitchen garden salad, we drank to the health of the piggies with a Mudchute Cocktail. Very well deserved.

Desert was a rhubarb triffle, featuring some incredible elderflower cocktail, accompanied by Raquel singing some sultry numbers (and looking even more so), and Rasmus on backing guitar. If only kitchen life was always this glamorous - by this time we were onto the washing up.
We all had a great time putting on the Feast, and can't wait for the next one. Thanks to everyone who helped out, and everyone who came along, ate, and enjoyed themselves.

Next up is the Lamb in July.

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