Friday, 26 June 2009

The inaugural Mudchute Kitchen Farmyard Feast

A quite simply tremendous dining event, celebrating fine, seasonal ingredients, grown, reared, foraged and prepared on the farm. All the pleasures of the countryside without leaving the city!

The Farmyard Feasts are my inspiration for writing this blog, and hopefully a reason to continue with it. Where possible, I intend to post news, thoughts, recipes, and any other related info about the feasts, of which there will hopefully be at least three before the end of summer.

This feast stars the lovely Tamworth pigs, that have spent their days lolloping about in their pens on at Mudchute farm, getting muddied up, and generally having a pretty good life. We're serving our pork two ways - Brawn, and slow roast in the wood-burning stove. Very nice indeed.

The full menu is:

Red radishes cooked in smoked butter
Flat breads with lentils and homemade ricotta

Tamworth brawn with Irish soda bread, wood-roast quince and piccalilly

Wood-oven slow roast Tamworth pork, cooked in local ale with onion and allotment sweet sicilly
Cracked potatoes with hazelnut pesto
Kitchen Garden Salad

Mudchute rhubarb trifle with ginger cake and vanilla cream

This feast is already sold out (and at £20 for that lot - and it's BYO - it's no surprise), but we'll be doing another at the end of July. And that time the menu will centre around our very tasty Mudchute lamb.

I'm excited already...

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