Friday, 26 June 2009

My first blog post.

That's not actually true.

Let's be honest here.

My first blog post of this blog. This is my second blog about food, and my third blog in total. I've just re-read the first, and it seems slightly naff and pointless now. Some good recipes though...

My second blog is still up and running, but totally un-related. 

This one, however, will cover my journeys into food. And just to put it all on record, my plans for the future include the following: 

- Opening my soup stall
- Opening a pizza stall (with a mobile, wood-burning pizza oven)
- Diversifying my soup stall into granola, porridge, and fruit compotes
- Visiting El Bulli
- Going to cookery school in South East Asia
- Butchering a lamb and other livestock
- Going on a gatronomic pilgrimage
- Growing my own
- Learning to bake

Now it's all in writing, I have it all to live up to. And there's one other thing I should add - helping to organise and cook the Mudchute Kitchen Farmyard Feasts. But that's already well underway! 

Thanks for reading. 

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